Fernando’s The Man

We finally did it. The mammoth hot water heater is  connected. The electricity is not, but it’s full of water and  the pipes are sealed and leak free. We had complications. A few connections were not right resulting in some leaks in some very cumbersome spots.  One leak required that  we replace an elbow and a 1- 1/4 inlet valve.

Fernando walked a block to his friend Martin’s work shop to borrow a tool. Martin has worked at this shop for 32 years. They work on engines for the aerospace industry. When Fernando returned he had a very solid but strange looking wrench. I had never seen one like this. It was heavy with a worn, but quality wood handle. The tool was made of heavy duty steel. On the upper part of the tool was an inscription of the date. The date was 1880. Now  isn’t that environmentally conscious., hanging onto something instead of throwing it away for a newer version.

The most comical part of the day came when Fernando was tightening the inlet valve on the top of the water heater. He was standing on the dishwasher. He hand the wrench around the valve and was pulling with all his might. Because he was desperate to get this connection right (it was one of the leakers) he was putting his weight into it. His back was against the wall which was really a French style window.

I heard a pop. It was quick, but not too loud. It sounded like a weak gun shot.

Fernando’s ass broke out the window. Yikes.

No more Inn and Out burger for you Fernando





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