Anne and I bought two olive trees on Saturday. We got them at a nursery in Los Angeles off of Sunset street close to the neighborhood of Silver Lake. The trees were fairly inexpensive. They came in 5 gallon black. plastic containers. Most amazingly the branches are littered with bright green olives. They’re not ripe enough to harvest. I will wait a few weeks until they turn purple. They remind me so much of the olives in Italy. Their size and color and the leaves on the branches look just like Stefano’s trees. In 2008 Patrick and I harvested about 30 trees with Stefano, Marvi, Mauro, Michelle and Marianna. It was a Blast.

The olives in these photographs could pass for authentic Italian olives, but in reality they come from two very small trees from a lot in Los Angeles. Go figure.







And some fresh mint


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