I haven’t written for two weeks. Maybe I have been lazy or maybe it’s been the distraction of the LA county health department that has kept me busier than I wish or maybe it’s been the falling rain. It’s been raining in LA for days which is extremely unusual for this time of year.

Today the clouds parted and gave us a  brief glimpses of a blue sky. I drank an espresso on the patio at Fiore while I pondered the leaks from my newly installed prep sink. I spent  too much time taking the fixtures on and off, tightening them before adding more white tape, putting them back on only to be greeted by the long slow drip of water from the back of the sink. By the time I left the restaurant I got the leak down to about 4 seconds from when the leak formed on the bottom of the flex pipe until it dropped to the floor. The puddle was small but definitely present. I pretended it wasn’t too bad. I’ll give it another try tomorrow.

Anne set tables on the patio last week to see how they look. We ate lunch on the tables and watched the people pass by. Immediately we were interrupted by mothers with strollers wondering if we were open. It was an encouraging sign.

I’ve posted some new pictures. Some of them are rather crude. They show our current reality. A month ago I posted some really sweet looking pictures of my ideal kitchen. I was so damn proud of how it came together, but now after consultation with the health department the kitchen looks like a motorcycle workshop. There are  tools everywhere and those tools are surrounded by dirty espresso cups, used espresso, a bottle of olive oil and my beautiful and wonderfully performing espresso machine that was on hiatus in my garage for 7 years. Now that i have it working like a dream I was informed by the health department that I can’t use it because it is not NSF certified. It doesn’t have that little blue sticker. Those inspectors are like blood hounds, but instead of looking for something good they spend all there time looking for these little blue tags. The tags glisten on the stainless steel sinks. They are usually hidden on equipment, but if caught in the right light they stand out like a light on a Christmas tree.

The work table is my 8 foot long wood table that I bought to use in the kitchen. I was inotified by my new friends that it was too old and worn to be used in the kitchen. I must replace it with a shiny new stainless steel table. Oh the warmth of it. Can’t wait.

Sorry for the deep sarcasm.

We’re actually ok with everything. Fiore is moving along. I hope to have the majority of the work finished by next week. It’s been a fun ride so far.








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  1. more pipe compound, comes in a small can, use it freely on top of the Teflon tape.
    you will make it my brother the tiny LA health Department pails in the face of my higher power and i know he is on your side.
    Love you man
    Herb Johnson

  2. I’m surprised that you’re still blogging as much as you do! The inspections must be very stressful and I imagine that you need to take a breath away from the blog for a bit. No worries! Love the pictures! ; )

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