I just love pizza. Anyone who knows me at all can definitely attest to this. I usually make it 1-3 times a week. I eat it whenever I can and I try to find the best pizza possible. I am like a blood hound when it comes to pizza.

Last week I was in Brussels with some friends. My friend’s daughter had gone to school there and during the year she lived in Brussels, she discovered a great pizza place called Mamma Roma. The name and logo are taken from the Italian movie of the same name.

Mamma Roma serves pizza by the slice. The pizza is a bit thicker than the pizza by the slice that I have eaten in Roma, but the crust is absolutely amazing. It is light and airy. Yet , the crust is really crispy. ,They season the pizzas well and use good quality olive oil. The pizza tastes amazing absolutely amazing.

My friend’s daughter Marianna wanted to show me this place because she knows that I want to open a pizzeria and she felt it was important for me to taste the best pizza ever. This is coming from a girl from Roma who grew up eating Italian pizza on the streets of Roma.

I must admit it definitely rivals the pizza I have eaten in Roma, but I am not sure that it’s the best. I would go back to Brusssels just for the pizza though

It’s a bit funny being in an Italian pizzeria with everyone speaking French, but I can adjust to that.

More pizza shots:

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  1. Bill coming from a city that is well known for their pizza(Chicago) I must say that these photos of these pizzas look absolutly delisioso!! Your mom tells me you are quite a cook and make an awesome pizza. Good luck inyour future indevers. Aunt Geri and Uncle Bill

    1. Grazie Geri. Brother Bob, still claims the pizza in Chicago is much better than anything he had in Italy, but I don’t necessarily agree. Although Riggio’s pizza is pretty darn good.

    1. Ciao Mamma,
      No, but I did have some really good espresso. I had a quite night the night I was there. I was really tired and got to bed early.

      On the way to Italy I didn’t get much sleep and had a couple of rough days when I first arrived in Italy.

      There is not much for Pizza in Dublin. At least what I have seen.

  2. OK Bill, do I have to travel to Cal. or will you come here so I can taste your Pizza? Although a trip to Cal. does not sound to bad for me. Do you have a secret ingredient? Hope you can visit us soon.

  3. What a treat to have found your blog today. I’m starting to feel like I don’t have enough pizza in my life! ; )

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