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I haven’t posted in 12 days. What is going on? Am I lazy? I  don’t know, but days have floated by like the orange and red leaves that drift past the front door to the yet un-open Fiore. It’s cold in LA these days. So cold that I could have sworn that I saw and felt thin ice on the large community table that I park under the arch at night. A sprinkler from the flower bed gave it an early morning shower and the cold, fall air decided it might be nice to make an ice skating ring on the old maple table.

Today was a bit better, but large full rain clouds kept the sun from warming us up. I wore an old Irish wool sweater my mother bought in Dublin quite a few years ago. It’s still warm, but the moths have made it quite unattractive with the holes they’ve carved out of the fabric. I don’t care too much. I wear it with Irish pride.

I have taken a ton of pictures lately. It’s one thing I have been diligent about. My camera is always at my side and when I do forget it which isn’t very often I still have the I phone to capture the day.

here are some pictures from the last 12 days. I hope you enjoy. The health inspection is  Monday I promise.  No more jibbery about.












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