To do list

I wrote another to do list today. I wrote it across the first draft of the menu on  6 pieces of  18 by 22 pieces of off white drafting paper that I taped together with scotch tape. This draft started out as a mark up of the menu but it has morphed into a collage of phone numbers, to do lists and grocery lists.

Today’s to do list:

– Get a land line. Why does a land line cost so much when no one uses a land lines anymore? We only need one for incoming calls yet it’s still expensive.

– Apply for business license. Done.

– Find a 50 gallon 16KW water heater. The 40 gallon tank works  fantastic, but the health dept wants me to upgrade. What about being environmentally conscious. Where is that old one  end up? If anyone needs a great 40 gallon electric water heater give me a call.

– Make a decision about the espresso machine. Yikes. I have a perfectly good (free)  machine without  NSF certification. I need to now spend $1500-$5000 on another machine. The silver lining is that the old machine will come home with me.

– Order patio chairs. Anne found them at a great price. She ordered 10 tables and 20 chairs today.  With the community table we can seat 34 people. That’s pretty good. I am happy with that. Done

– Logo Logo Logo. We need to get a jump on this. We’ve been dealing so much with construction that we haven’t finalized our logo. We love the look of typewriter font. We also like this logo

Radish We’re pretty crazy about Radish. Anne says our place will look just as cool when she gets done with it.

– Find or have manufactured an 18 inch stainless steel safety guard for the back of the 4 burner stove. This was unanticipated. The first inspector made no mention of a problem with the stove, but her replacement found a need to make a change.

Down to Washington Street tomorrow to have some one make  one for me. Hopefully it won’t cost too much.

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