Health Department Part II

It’s been a few days. I have been preoccupied with Fiore and the health department. The health inspector was very good about the first round. It should have taken 20 days but she made the corrections in three. She called me yesterday about 3pm to let me know I could pick them up. Yes. that was quick. The woman behind the counter was condescending. She said, “now make sure you read the instructions carefully and when you are done call for an appointment”. I felt like I was  5 listening to my kindergarten teacher give me instruction on how to open a book.

The corrections are not too complicated. A few of them are simple. I named items incorrectly. I  labeled  a service counter a pastry display counter which requires a special NSF certificate. We named the floor sink a floor drain.  On the drawings we did not state that they were drawn to 1/4 inch scale which they were. A few items  require more money as usual. The most expensive being the certified air balance test in the kitchen. The test was done early this morning.

My friend Gary and I will work on the drawings this weekend. I should say he will redraw them I will do my best to help. Thankfully we made a few extra copies of the original drawing. Thankfully they were done in pencil. I will stop by Staples for an extra large erasure. I wore the other one out.

Here are some pictures of the South Pasadena Farmer’s Market. I took them with the hipstamatic app.

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