Brother Bob back to Chicago

Brother Bob flew back to Chicago today. We had a great time this week laughing our asses off. Bob is probably one of the funniest people I know. He has a gift at making people laugh. I will miss him.

We ate and drank much too much coffee and espresso. Every morning we had to figure out  where to find the best espresso for the day. A few places that we checked out. Cognoscenti in Eagle Rock. Intelligentsia, Cafecito Organico in Silverlake, Kaldi in South Pasadena, Peets in Pasadena and finally today at Fiore Market Cafe. It took us a week but we eventually made a good espresso at Fiore. Grazie mille Bob. Sei un fratello molto buono.

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  1. What a great trip. Bill I will always treasure that week. I had a ball. I will have some pics up on Flickr later today. Gunna make some chili it is cold back home in Crystal Lake.
    Love you brother.


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