Health Department

The health department came yesterday and shook our world. I felt like my heart was ripped out of my chest. She was tough and direct and unflinching in her demand to get this old restaurant up to the new codes. It has operated for years with an A grade in it’s current state, but if we wish to open it again we must make some major changes. The most significant is replacing all the dish-washing sinks with ones that have different dimensions. The prep sink, currently is too small. The 3-compartment sink is too large. The water heater must be re-placed with a 60 gallon unit.

Worst of all I can’t use the hardwood work table because it’s too worn. I also have to figure out a different location for the espresso machine. It must be close enough to the floor drain so that the waste water can be drained.

Well we press on. This weekend we do the plans for a second time. I hope to get them submitted by Monday or Tuesday. Here are some new pictures from the week.

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