Brother Bob’s in Town

Brother Bob arrived this morning and we have already traversed quite a few miles in quest of great espresso, sausages and ice cream. I picked him up at 9:00am at LAX. We immediately travelled up the 110 freeway to the 5 and over to my new favorite coffee joint in Eagle Rock called Cognoscenti. We had cortados which in Italy are called piccolli cappuccini, the  smaller stronger versions of the original. From there we walked half a block for donuts (I know it sounds absolutely unhealthy). I had a glazed old fashioned. Bob had something that looked to be topped with chocolate chips.

We drove home to unload Bob’s gear.  James was up early for a Saturday and he was more than willing to go on  road trip that might eventually meander to the sausage place. We filled a large garbage can with dirt from the compost pile for our new herb garden. We also dragged along our potted herbs that have totally outgrown the their tiny homes. The new flower bed will give them lots of room to spread out.

Bob checked into his room which I must say looks really cozy. Annie did a great job setting him up transforming a teenage bedroom into a really comfortable guest room. (Patrick’s been gone literally a week and we already have his room looking completely different. Though I must say he did most of the work before he left for Santa Cruz.)

We eventually made it to Fiore. James and Bob unloaded the dirt and we re-potted the herbs. Take a look. It turned out pretty nice.

After our brief work it was time for lunch. We hit the freeway for our 3rd time and drove south to the Arts District  to a place called Wurstkuche where we ate sausages and Belgium fries with exotic dipping sauces which are really just ketchup and mayonnaise with fancy names and spicy ingredients. The place was jamming. We stood in line with lots of people with cameras slung over their shoulders. All were edging forward in anticipation for their special sausage. Bob ordered  a rattlesnake and veal sausage. James and I played it safe with two Louisiana hot links.

You would think that after  eating all of this that we’d be done, but NOOOOOO. I had to coerce them into sampling some of my favorite ice cream  at a place called Scoops. I take everyone to scoops. James was the only one who resisted and refrained from the having a cup. It was good really good. Today it was 100 degrees in LA and ice cream is always good when it’s 100 degrees.

Tomorrow, I am not sure where we’ll go, but today was a great start to the week.

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