Break from Fiore for a trip to Santa Cruz

This weekend James, Anne and I took Patrick to UC Santa Cruz. He starts school on Thursday. It’s his freshman year. We’ve had a great weekend, but it was a little sad dropping him off yesterday. We had all but 30 minutes to get him settled. He was unfazed when Anne and I said goodbye, but we were crying. His brother James was  sweet. He took pictures with Patrick and even hugged him goodbye. I still can’t believe that.

We had a bit of a problem with our hotel. I had thought I booked two nights, but when we got back from dropping off Patrick, the door was locked and the keys wouldn’t work. They were sold out for the night and we had to move on. They weren’t as cold as that sounds. They did help us find a room across town in one of their sister motels. Turns out we like the sister motel better and will probably stay there the next time we come to town.

Last night the 3 of us had dinner at a place call La Posta. When the hostess greeted us I said we had a reservation  for 4. Yikes. I wonder how many times I’ll do that.

I liked the place from the moment we pulled into the parking lot. Off to the side behind the parking stalls was a chicken coop. Here is a picture.

Over the two days we found great coffee at Lulu Carpenter’s

Great fig leaf ice cream and melon sorbet at the Penny Ice Creamery


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