Times are moving along

Sliders from a few weeks ago

It’s been a few days, but lots of stuff is happening. After two weeks of pestering Don the plumber  I finally got some results. Don went to Vegas to gamble and sent Mike his main man to do his dirty work. Mike reluctantly showed up to inspect and instead of returning another day he  connected the grease trap the same day. He was a little surly. When Don’s in Vegas Mike ends up doing the work of two people. He said to me “Why didn’t you call me before, I could have done this a  week ago.” Little did he know I called Don about 7-8 times. Next time I call Mike.

This has been one of my biggest health department worries. So I am pretty grateful to have it done.

The deli showcase was delivered Thursday around noon, but we learned upon it’s arrival that it was too damn wide.. Yikes. I guess we should have thought to measure.  They don’t call me the “Brain” for nothing. Well the deliver guy spent about 30 minutes thinking and pondering the dilemma . He said he was just a delivery man not a mover. He didn’t know how to handle these type of situations.

After the 30 minutes were up he began to dismantle all the glass pieces on the case. He was diligent and extremely careful. I stored them in the kitchen where I wedged between the stove and the counter so they wouldn’t fall. Everything was done. He wheeled  the show case to the door. My son and I were on the  receiving end inside the restaurant. He was standing on the the other side of the door. He leaned the showcase up. We pulled down on it. Within seconds a large piece of something shifted from the top of the case. It moved quickly and slid down the case in between Patrick and I. It hit the ground with force. The piece shattered into thousands of fragments and spread out on the floor like sand falling from a beach towel. Come to find out it was a large piece of colored glass  fitted to serve as a small  counter on top of the case. It was perfectly secure for it’s intended purpose, but when the case was tilted on it’s side well that was a completely different thing entirely. The look on the driver’s  face was one of disbelief. He looked at me and waited for my reaction. I said nothing. It was all of our faults, not just the driver. Remember what he said when he arrived. I am only a driver.

We finished the last of the painting in the dining room today. Marcos, Patrick and Gary did the wood trim outside yesterday. We fastened some new molding to the walls bordering the alcove. I sanded the wood today and painted it with 2 coats of primer and one coat of the cotton linen. It looks pretty good. I missed a few spots with the sanding, but I need to remember to look at the forest and not the individual trees. When I do that it looks damn good.

Patrick and I hooked up the espresso machine tonight. Eaton, the  espresso guy will calibrate the machine on Wednesday. He’ll also create our own custom espresso blend that you can only get at Fiore. I really like that. We’re going to bag it and sell it.

Well that’s all for today. Here are a few pictures. Some of them have been taken with film.


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