There is something about a wood table in a kitchen that gets me excited. It can’t just be any wood table. It needs to be really old with lots of scratches and wear and tear. A table that looks like it’s been through kitchen wars is what I like. Even better if the wood surface is  literally worn away by a baker’s weight pushing down on the surface while kneading dough.

Today I found such a table. It”s 8 feet by 30 inches and old, really old. The surface is scratched. The edges are nibbled away and the wood is very dark. When I got it in the restaurant it appeared larger than life. It took up most of the space. My first inclination is that it’s too big, but I am going to let it grow on me. I placed it next to the stove.

I cleaned it with a green scouring pad. There was a very tough layer of grease on the surface that fought me good. I can’t say I prevailed. I did alright. The wood is still sticky and if you lean against it the bottom of your shirt sticks. Tomorrow is round two.

I love how it looks in the kitchen. It is exactly what I imagined.

I also purchased a screen for the back door. There’s something comforting and inviting about an old screen door. It reminds me of the country, of big open fields of tall grass and of farm life. The door to the kitchen will always be open. I’m hoping neighbors knock on the door for an espresso or cappuccino kinda like people used to knock on their neighbor’s doors to borrow a pint of milk.  There’s something homey about it.

So once we open please knock on the the back screen door.

Check out the grain of that wood

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