Day 10 of Fiore Market Cafe

A little over a week has passed. We are moving along nicely. The last of the wall was removed today. We pulled out two small 4 by 4 beams and took out the final 2 by 4’s that held the wall up. The space seems to have grown over night.

This morning I wrapped up the last of the painting. The walls are now covered in cotton linen. What a name for paint. It looks white to me. Afterward I spent 2 hours cleaning up after myself and most of the time was devoted to scraping up paint that dripped from my leaky brush. It is amazing how resilient dried paint can be.

I had a few visitors from the old place. I’m hoping they’ll join us at Fiore. They’re really strong employees with terrific attitudes. I showed them around and then made sandwiches with mixed cold cuts that I bought at Rosies. Rosie stacked thinly sliced capicola, mortadella, salami and provoletti cheese on red parchment paper for me. I bought a large ciabatta for the sandwiches. These guys are light eaters. They ate the sandwiches, but I know they were too big for them.

This is Rosie.

Anne brought some chocolate sables that she baked. They were really sweet and looked great in the packaging. She delivered some to our new neighbors in the building. They oohed ahhed like school kids. All her packaged cookies are sealed and tied with one of her famous tags. I posted one below.

In the afternoon my friend Brian dropped by. He hosed down the front entry shaking down the cobwebs and dust that lingered in the corners for the last few year. We removed the iron bars on the four kitchen windows. The bars were installed by the previous owners for reasons unbeknowest to the landlord. It was not for security reason because the rest of the windows were unadorned. Once down the view of the kitchen was unhindered.  I could see my reflection in the glass dressed in my dirty painting clothes. I thought for a moment. In a few weeks I’ll be on the other side of the window and that reflection will be me leaning over a stove .

Anne baked red velvet cupcakes. I brought them in a glass cake stand and set them on the  table in the dining room. My friend Arturo came in with his brother to help out so I gave each of them a cupcake. Sean and Tracy dropped in and they each devoured a red velvet cupcake. While we were outside hosing down the patio tiles a nice couple stopped to say hello. Yes, you bet I gave them a red velvet cupcake. They took one to share. They seemed very pleased with the cupcake.

I love passing out food especially great treats. People can’t say no except for the young girl at the hair salon in the back. I gave her some of Anne’s chocolate sables and she only took a nibble. She said she had to watch what she ate.

Here are Anne’s red velvet cupcakes.

Examples of Fiore.  In Italian more than one Fiore is Fiori

Fiore Market Cafe

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