Heirloom Tomatoes

Today I received a box of heirloom tomatoes. They are huge, multicolored strange looking tomatoes. A friends 82 year old neighbor grows them in her yard. I had the opportunity to see the plants the other night.  The plants rise about 8 feet from the ground. The leaves are vibrant green and the tomatoes pop from the branches. The tomatoes are so large and the plants are so tall that it feels like a garden for the Jolly Green giant.

I did not get a chance to meet the 82 year old gardening legend, but I was fortunateenough to get some our her priced jewels. My friend said that when he went to her house to pick up the tomatoes she had 100 of them spread out on the table that she was dividing up for her friends and neighbors.

Lucky me and lucky everyone who is the recipient of one of my tomato sandwiches today.

Day 8 The Wall Comes Down

Toward the back of the restaurant the previous owners built an alcove consisting of 2 walls. They hid stuff behind these walls, stuff that you don’t want the general public to see like to-go containers, cash register tape, cleaning supplies and a whole lot of other restaurant stuff. The wall monopolized the room. For our concept we need space and Anne and I decided that the wall must go. Today Patrick and I took it down. We used a crowbar, a hammer and a very long screwdriver. Patrick did most of the work. He climbed up the ladder and chiseled away at the corners using the hammer and the long screwdriver. The corners and ends of each wall were held together with those metal dry wall bands that tie two pieces of dry wall together. Once he peeled them off, the drywall practically lifted right off the studs. We had fun breaking the pieces in more manageable sizes that we dragged on a cart to the trash bin.  The trash bin was across the street about a block away . We swerved in and out of traffic. The pieces stayed on the cart because we wrapped them together with masking tape. MacGyver would have been proud.

A friend’s 82 year old neighbor grew these

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