More Pizza

Why am I so whacked about pizza? Is anyone else like me? I mean it’s just some flour and  water and yeast and salt and olive oil, topped with tomatoes and mozzarella cheese. Yet, the ingredients blend so well.

Yesterday, the boys and I made pizza for the first time in about 3 weeks. We have been concentrating on the restaurant which won’t be a pizza restaurant so we let the thought of pizza leave our minds for awhile. I’m surprised that I did so well off the stuff, but my oldest son started asking about pizza a few days ago. He said to Anne “why haven’t we made pizza for awhile.” Then my youngest asked about it too. so I figured what the hell. We won’t have pizza in the restaurant, but we can make it anytime in the backyard.

The fire took awhile to get going. It went out twice before it started to blaze, but once it did, the temperature shot up to 800 degrees within two hours. It was so hot that the first pizza took about 60 seconds. The top was golden brown, but the crust was deeply charred. My son James hammered me about it. He demanded to take over and ended up baking three wonderful pizzas. He is  a master. He baked them very close to the entrance where the tiles weren’t so hot. The crust was perfect.

He is tough, but I learn a lot from him. His pizzas yesterday were some of the best I have ever had. He always says “we must do better”

I hope he has this philosophy with school work this year.

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