The Work Begins (Hopefully Soon)

The work is starting. We’ll sign a lease by tomorrow and then it’s on.First things first. My plan is to scrub the kitchen from top to bottom, clean out the grease trap, possibly paint the walls and ceiling and organize the space.

Yesterday, Anne and I measured the kitchen and the front. We stood in the middle of the two rooms and let our imaginations go to work. We changed our minds about a dozen times and at one point we were totally confused about what each other envisioned or wanted with the space.

After an hour or so we went home. I made fried green tomatoes with a cornmeal crust for dinner. It was my first time experimenting with green tomatoes. Usually we wait until their ripe before we pull them off the vine. They tasted a bit sour. Anne thought they tasted like ketchup which seems strange because they were so green. When I hear the work ketchup the color red comes to mind.

When the dishes were cleaned and put away Anne and I took out some hard card stock paper and drew up the dining room. I attempted to make it look nice with a ruler, but that was  futile. We made real progress when Anne grabbed the red pen from my hand and went free form with the drawing. It looks messy because I am a doodler. I redraw things until the tip of the pen sctraches through the paper.

There is a very dark red circle that I kept pursuing with the pen. That is where the hub of activity will be. This is where the expeditor, runners cooks will coordinate everything. Anne couldn’t understand why I kept circling it like a madman.

I am sorry but that’s just what I do. She also had to remind me that the expeditors station was a few inches to the right. Oops. Well like I said I am just a doodler she is the free form artist.

Here are a couple of items. What do you think of the black tags? That’s Anne’s idea.

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