A Place of Our Own

Well it’s finally going to happen after all these years, a place of our own. Not a home mind you but a restaurant. You may ask why would someone want a restaurant of their own? That’s Crazy.

When it’s the only thing you’ve ever done in your life, but you’ve always done it for someone else then you might understand why we’d desire to have a place of our own. Even though with that explanation it’s still bloody crazy, but restaurant people are a bit crazy.

They are the kind of people who can never sit still. They gotta be moving. Their legs keep them running this way and that. They’re talking with their arms. Worst of all they always have their hands into something. Most of the time it’s a big plate of fries or a bowl of soup or a big juicy hamburger. I could go on forever.

We’re going to open a cafe, a European, French style market cafe with showcases displaying our fresh salads, roast chicken, grilled salmon, charcuterie and homemade pastries. We’ll bake bread fresh daily to build our handcrafted sandwiches. The sandwiches will feature slow roasted short ribs, thinly sliced cold roast beef with creamy horseradish and we’ll have a stacked vegetarian sandwich with layer upon layer of thinly sliced vegetables that hopefully someday soon will come straight from our garden out back.

Coffees will  be made to order in the European style. We won’t have pots of coffee sitting around for hours. It will be fresh and strong and we’ll encourage the consumption of espresso, the best way to enjoy a coffee break.

Dining will mainly be outside on the terrace. We’ll have potted plants and a fresh herb garden. Strings of lights will illuminate the terrace at night and big bright umbrellas will shade the dining area by day.

We have yet to come up with a name and could use some help. If you have any suggestions please let us know. We think we want something with Market Cafe in it but we are not stuck on that point. We are pretty open minded. Remember we are shooting for an European feel. Imagine the last time you were in Paris and you stopped for a cafe. That’s what we’re after.

Merci e Grazie

If you are in town come by for an espresso. If it’s early and we’re not open just knock on the kitchen door we’ll make you one fresh and set up a table on the terrace for you. If you’re not too too early we’ll have a hot muffin from the oven  for you to enjoy.

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