I purchased a Canon EOS digital camera about a year and a half ago. I was taking a photography class at at Los Angeles City College. I had the option of renting one of the cameras from the lab or splurging on a camera of my own. I splurged.

The camera has been great. I’ve probably taken over 10,000 photographs with it. When I leave the house I throw the strap over my shoulder and tuck the camera into the trunk of the car. When I arrive at my destination the camera accompanies me where ever I’m going. I am kinda like those people who carry those tiny dogs with them in their handbags. But my camera is a little easier to handle.

Recently I got this crazy idea that I wanted to take photographs using film. I checked on ebay for an inexpensive model. I found an auction for a Pentax k1000 listed  like $9.95. I entered the bidding war and won which is a miracle because whenever I’ve bid on anything on ebay in the past the minute I click the button to submit my bid I am instantaneously notified that I have been outbid. I didn’t realize until the other day that you can set it up to automatically place a bid until you reach your maximum. I pictured some guy scrunched over his computer battling me as if he’s playing some video game.

The camera cost me $16.02 plus $10.00 shipping. Wow what a deal. It arrived in a couple of days.. I unpacked it. My son clipped on the lens and I went to buy some B&W film. I was greeted by a very snotty lady who snubbed her nose at my film purchasing ignorance.

I loaded the camera the best I could. It had been 20 years. I assumed everything was just fine, but at some point I realized the spool that held the film was no longer advancing. I couldn’t remember when it had stopped so I continued taking photographs. I took 36 of the greatest most, artistic photographs ever.

The photographs below is what I found on the cd when I popped it in the computer. Two pictures of old cars that I took immediately after loading the film.

Well live and learn. I still can take 100 digital photograph tomorrow afternoon

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