3 Photos from Highway 101 and a Veggie Sandwich

We drove back to LA from Santa Cruz today. It was extra long due to my getting distracted after a fantastic caffe macchiato at a place called Verve. My head was in the clouds and I wasn’t paying attention as Patrick drove along highway 1. I guess that’s not exactly right. I thought for some reason that Highway 1 ranĀ  into Highway 101. DUH. It doesn’t. We were all the way to Carmel before one of us recognized the error and it wasn’t the oldest person in the car. We turned around and retraced our steps. This time we went east on highway 68 which led us to the 101. It was a nice drive. They sky was clear for the most part, except when we approached the coast. There it is was foggy and the temperatures were cool.

Along the 101 the hillsides are golden brown. The color is vibrant against the blue sky. It’s really something special to see. Patrick kept saying it looked like Italy, but I’ve never seen golden hillsides in Italy. They are always green.

here areĀ  a few photos from the drive. And a sandwich of course. There always must be food.

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