Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz is probably one the most interesting cities in the country. There are so many characters. They pop out from doorways or sometimes they have a good old hootenanny right in the middle of a field. Last night I walked downtown for an espresso at Lulu Carpenter (an absolutely fantastic espresso) Patrick was taking a rest. The city was alive. Every ten yards or so was a street performer strumming a guitar or singing some old Bob Dylan tune.

I saw this guy midway down the street. He held a baby blue plastic guitar. He played genuinely and sang like a real trooper although his voice wasn’t real good. I asked to take his photograph and he obliged.

Some pretty girls walked by him and snickered. They didn’t quite get the joke.

This lady literally jumped out at me. I am not sure where she came from, but all of a sudden she was there, smiling. She was more than happy to pose for me and as I walked away I could faintly hear her bragging to some of the others nearby.

I’ve seen lots of Vespas, really nice Vespas. This one was was parked on the curb near where I encountered  the woman above. If I could manage without a car my vehicle of choice would be a Vespa.

I came across these cats on my way back to the hotel. I took these pictures with my camera at my chect because I was anxious about pointing a  camera at this group. Kinda interesting.

You can see a larger version of this photograph on my flickr account.

Lulu Carpenter for espresso.

Engfer Pizza Works Damn good wood fired pizza.

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  1. I’ve only visited Santa Cruz once. The cappuccino at the Santa Cruz News Cafe was great, but it seems they’ve closed… Bummer. I also liked the way you could walk along the coast forever, the otters were pretty cute too.

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