Summer Peaches at the Farmer’s Market

Yesterday I dropped by our local farmer’s market to buy flowers for my wife. I came upon this peach stand and was fascinated by the wooden crates that held the terrific fruit. The crates were worn and heavy. They obviously were very old. I took 5 photographs.Here they are. The peaches look pretty good too.

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  1. ciao Seamus, ho appena letto la tua bella intervista su this joy+ride. che piacere trovare qualcuno che fa così bene la pizza e vuole vivere da italiano! grande! un saluto da un torrido pomeriggio dell’estate italiana,

    1. Ciao Tiziana,

      grazie mille per la tua email. Sei gentile. Io sono pazzo di pizza e anche Italia.
      Addesso vorrei prendere un bell caffe al bar. Va be. Ci vediamo e piacere a conoscereLa/

  2. Hello Seamus,

    I just discovered your website through your interview with Shari at this joy + ride. Your enthusiasm is contagious; I love it!

    These boxes are beautiful. I wonder if they were used in the vineyard? My husband recently shipped records out to the east coast from his CA home in similar crates that were used in his family’s vineyards when he was young.

  3. the crates are phenomenal (hope to see them on flickr and fave them!) 🙂 i just ate a delicious peach myself (they come up to us from…you guessed it…italy!) 🙂 did you buy any and make a fabulous dessert pizza with them? (hint, hint)

    1. Ciao Alison,
      Heading up to Santa Cruz today may take the route through SLO. Not sure. I too love Farmer’s Markets. I couldn’t get over these crates. They were incredible.

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