Los Angeles?

As everyone knows Los Angeles is a huge metropolis that stretches from the ocean to the mountains. When I am wrapped up in the myriad streets and highways amongst the hot pavement and dirty concrete I lose sight of the fact that only a few miles away nature lurks in a most primitive and wonderful way.

Today my son Patrick and I hiked in the foothills of Sierra Madre. We started early about 8:30am, but it was already scorching hot. The trail was dusty and the heat came in waves. As we walked we found pockets of cooler air, but for the most part the whole walk felt like a big open sauna. Midway through the climb my shirt was drenched. My feet were dusty. My camera was even wet with the perspiration from my t-shirt and my legs ached.

At one point while we ascended a small narrow trail consisting of stacked stones I slipped and fell. It was no big deal. My son was cruising along and I was pushing myself to stay close. The tip of my foot slid off the slippery stone and the old man hit the dirt. My son turned around and looked at me like “What”. This ain’t even in the least bit difficult.

I am 48. My son is 18 and I felt every bit the 48 year old.

We made it to the cut off point. The trail dropped under some oak trees and we stopped by the creek to catch our breath and drink some water that had become lukewarm. Nothing like drinking warm water when your throat is parched. (I should not complain. The water was good).

I took a bunch of pictures. The light was streaming through the trees and it caught the running creek nicely.

A song that Alison from and flowers pick themselves introduced me to. Johnny Flinn- Kentucky Pill

Seamus O’Conner’s Pizza will be featured on this joy + ride starting tomorrow until the end of July.

4 thoughts on “Los Angeles?

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    1. Ciao EW,

      There is something special about driving along the coast. Next week we are taking my son up to UC Santa Cruz for orientation. Santa Cruz is like the greatest little town. There’s lots of green space, the ocean and terrific little cafes and coffee shops.


  1. found your blog via this joy+ride. it’s excellent! i love hearing pizza stories and drooling at all that melted cheese and crispy crust. so beautiful. thank you for sharing!

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