Summertime in the city

It’s hot in LA. We’re trying to refrain from using the AC to save on the electric bill. So far so good. We have only used it a couple of times, but we find ourselves hot and sticky and a little cranky. It’s funny how one can become cranky in the summer when there’s no school and the days are long and the BBQ is sizzling with sweet corn and ribs. Yet it happens.

Maybe we’ll eat some watermelon and  when it cools down enough to close the windows a bit we’ll eat some ice cream from big bowls and watch the tube. Nothing better on a summer nite

here are a few summertime photographs from the neighborhood.

I was introduced to some new music.  A t least it’s new to me. I hope you enjoy.

The Walkmen-In the new year

Mumford and Sons-Liar

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