Cool Stuff

Everybody has it. Everybody longs for cool stuff. It’s like a craving that never gets satisfied like that cigarette habit that lingers for 20 years or so until the lungs can’t take it anymore and the cigarettes are tossed down the toilet for the last time.

For some of us that cool stuff ends up in the garage next to broken down refrigerators, rusty tools and crusty paint cans that haven’t seen the light of day for years.

Others model their cool stuff for all to see making shrines on their cabinets in the dining room or living room. Guests envy the cool stuff. In their minds they picture their stuff collecting dust in the garage and wonder if it can look as special as this cool stuff.

I never had a lot of cool stuff even though I wanted it like every kid did and when I grew older I wanted it just as much. I kept some bottle caps and coins that I found in the alley behind our house.

When I was a grown man I bought a Walter’s beer bottle when I was out in the Mohave desert with my brother in law and his family. The bottle was deep brown with a classic red and white label. I have kept that bottle for years. Lately it’s been tucked in a dresser drawer with cds that come with any type of electronic equipment that one buys these days and other junk(not even cool stuff) wires and cables that I should throw away, but I am always worried I might need.

Today I dropped by an antique shop. My intention was to take a photograph or two. When I entered I found the space to be the epitome of COOLness. The stuff was staged like a movie set.  A  corner resembled a science fiction location. Another portion of the shop displayed the heads and masks of sad and happy faces. Appearing to be  not a movie set, but surely a museum of sorts.

I came across a stunt man’s jacket. It was a deep blue with a stunt man patch above the right pocket. I fantasized wearing it to a bowling alley just for kicks, but it would have to be one of those really old time bowling alleys where a guy in the back reset the pins. Maybe I could sell him the jacket.

Here are a few of the photographs I took. I hope you enjoy them.

Happy Fourth of July. Be safe and if you’re going to be playing with fireworks remember to get out of the way fast. They have a very short fuse.

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