Hipstamatic Pizza

I know you are damn tired of hearing about pizza. bears and the occasional espresso. I’ve got a one track mind and it leads right down to my stomach. Please bear with me. HA HA.

No bears last night. We all slept pretty well. He might be on vacation or in the pool down the street. Maybe the wind wasn’t blowing in his direction so he couldn’t get a whiff of the pepperoni pizza .  If he had he surely would’ve been digging in the trash  for pizza scraps.

I took my son’s advice yesterday. He has been talking about the temperature of the oven so yesterday we built a bonfire in the oven. There were logs wedged into every nook in that dome oven.  After 3  hours the thermostat registered 825 degrees and it kept on rising. Previously we had seen the needle stop at about 700 degrees.

I will tell you. It is absolutely amazing to bake a pizza in scorching hot oven. The minute it hits the floor of the oven the sizzle starts. The cheese starts bubbling. The pepperoni curls up around the edges. The crust starts to burn just a bit. In due minuti, presto it’s ready.

By far and away, the pizza yesterday was the best. Everything was just right, the cheese, the crust (it had beautiful burn marks) and the sauce. Rosie from the Italian deli insisted I buy a particular brand from Sicily. Rosie says things like “Let me tell you. This is the best. You need to try this one. You’ll be really happy with this sauce.” I felt like I had no choice. He had a gun to my head. Buy this pizza sauce or else. I bought the sauce. I always get this weird sense of guilt when I disappoint an Italian. They look at you with those sad eyes and frown like you have just done something really bad.

I woke up this morning thinking about it. I could still taste the charred crust. Many years ago I woke up thinking about my first cigarette of the day. Now I’m waking up thinking about wood fired pizza. I guess it’s a little better for you than a cigarette. (Some might argue No)

I’ve been told by my wife no more pizza for a while. She sick of eating pizza. How could that be? We only made it 3 times this week and then ordered it on Friday night from Mamma Petrillos. Siamo pazzi? (are we crazy)

At least you won’t have to read about pizza for a few days.

For a little variation to the pizza theme I took pictures with the hipstamatic app on the I-phone. Hope you enjoy.

Vegan Almond Caffe Latte

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