My son asked me to teach him how to play the guitar. Peer pressure had gotten to him. His friends play music, but he has never picked it up. He listens to great music, very unique, alternative stuff such as The Good Life, Smog, The Microphones, Fred Thomas. The list is huge.
I offered to help him before, but he declined.

I took classical guitar in 2002. The same time I began to study Italian. I did well in the class, but struggled with rhythm and timing. I couldn’t feel the beat. Since then I have strummed the guitar on almost a daily basis. I use it to calm myself. I don’t know why it works. Maybe it’s the challenge. It has taken me a long time to get my fingers wrapped around the neck of the guitar. My flexibility has grown and I can now hold most chords.

I strum the guitar while I watch TV. Last week the family watched each and every Laker game. As the tension grew I picked up the instrument and strummed very lightly so as not to disturb Patrick, James and Anne. When they took a lead I set it down.

My son picked up the guitar and clumsily held it in his hands. We worked on three chords C, G and D7. I strummed and sang This Little Light of Mine. My voice cracked, but I strummed pretty good. I handed him back the guitar. He took his turn and practiced planting the tips of his fingers on the strings. I warned him about callouses. He took the guitar to his room to work on those three chord.

I was overjoyed that he asked me to help him. When I was a very young boy I always wanted to play guitar. I took a lesson in my early teens, but quit before the callouses formed and gave me some relieve from the pain in the finger tips. I always seemed to abandon things that got tough. This time though I stuck it out.

I hope Patrick gets as much pleasure from the guitar that I have.

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