Farmer’s Market

On Sunday we took my parents to the Farmer’s Market in Larchmont. I have been there many times before. It’s probably one of the best markets in Los Angeles because it’s quaint and nicely put together. It reminds me of a European market and most specifically a Paris market. There is a roast chicke vendor like the ones I’ve seen in Paris. He too has a tray of potatoes roasting under the chickens that sob up all the chicken juices. Absolutely incredible.

There is a new vegetarian soup vendor. We bought a pint of Tuscan white bean soup and ate it for supper. It was rich and creaming. The beans were cooked perfectly.

We ate lunch directly next door to the market at a place called La Bottega Marino. It reminded me so much of Italy. Everything was homemade. The bread was baked in house and was still slightly warm when they served it to us. We had a plate of sliced prosciuto and salami that was very nicely done. You could tell the meats were sliced to order because they were really fresh. Many restaurants pre-slice their meats for convenience sake and the meats get dried out.

We had an assortment of pastas. My son ordered a penne arrabbiata that was the spiciest pasta I have ever tried. The pasta was cooked al dente like a good Italian knows how to do.

The place is very old and looks it, but I love that. They have a couple of deli showcases. One is reserved for meats and cheese. There were huge chucks of Parmesan and pecorino wrapped in plain plastic wrap so you could see the cheese. I hate going to these new delis where everything is wrapped in plastic with the company’s name hiding the products.

The other showcase was lined with long rectangular, white platters filled with their deli salads. I was impressed by the quality of the products. Everything was fresh. The green bean salad looked very appetizing. I could tell it was just made. The green beans were glistening with a light dressing and they were still a nice green not that pale/brown green that you normally see with day old green beans.

There was a counter display with homemade desserts. Lots of fresh cookies and cakes. We ordered Linzer type cookies filled with raspberry jam and nutella. Not in the same cookie.

here are a few pictures from the day.

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