Orange Soda

I took this picture yesterday at Wurstkuche in downtown LA. It’s a restaurant featuring over ten different sausages, Belgium Fries and a host of Belgium beers. The sausages are great and some of them are extremely unique. They have one with rattlesnake meat. Another one with rabbit and one with duck. I had a spicy Louisiana hot link with grilled onions and spicy peppers.

James ordered an orange soda. As a kid growing up I never drank much orange soda. Back then it was Orange Crush. In our house we drank 7-up and Coca Cola. It came in 16 ounce glass bottles. At the grocery store they would be neatly stacked on the lower shelf, but they were heavy and when you lifted the 8 pack you had to be careful that you pulled it up and lifted it out. Otherwise you could knock over the whole lot of them.

The bottles were recyclable. You returned them to the front of the store. They would go into a huge bin. I still remember my mother lugging those big old bottles from the car to the store and this was on her way in.

Today that’s all different. No more heavy glass bottles. I kinda¬† miss the glass bottles. There is something very real and authentic about¬† soda in a glass bottle and to me, maybe just me it tastes better.

By the way James’ orange soda came in a glass bottle.

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