Few minutes through the alley

There is an alley adjacent to our house that I use as a thoroughfare on my way to the market. It’s very typical for an alley. Growing up in Chicago I spent lots of time going up and down the alley. It was my preferred route when I went to my friend’s houses who lived in the neighborhood. We were all connected by the alleys and used them to get around. Sometimes on foot. Other times on our stingrays.

There was always interesting stuff to see. Normally the stuff I saw was adult junk that was relegated to  the alley hoping that it would some how disappear. But year after year it remained and deteriorated until it was almost unrecognizable.

The strangest thing I ever saw was a dead cat with it’s head stuck in a metal can. The cat was stiff as a board. My friend’s and I freaked out and ran. We didn’t speak much about it.  Our minds raced with images of that poor cat struggling to get out. It was like going to a horror film, but we didn’t have to sit it a dark theater and focus on the screen. The movie played over and over in our heads as we walked down the alley on a sunny afternoon. We searched the pavement looking for stray pennies or anything that would take our minds off that poor cat.

Yesterday my short walk down the alley was much more pleasant. I took a few photos with the hipstamatic app on the I Phone.

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