Hipstamatic App on the I Phone

I recently uploaded the Hipstamatic applicatio on the I-Phone. I think it cost $1.99. The app gives the photographs an old time look. To me the pictures appear to have been taken in the 1960’s on a Polaroid camera.

Obviously with technology and the I-Phone the processing of a digital photograph is immediate. Even quicker than the time it took for a Polaroid photograph to eject from the camera.

Here are a few photographs I took while on a walk with Anne on the horse trail in Duarte,

6 thoughts on “Hipstamatic App on the I Phone

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  1. Allison Grazie. Yet it’s a pretty cool app. I am in a flicker 365 photo group and I must take photos everyday. When I don’t have my Canon and I see something cool I use the hipstamatic. It’s been lots of fun.


  2. I’m loving this app too.
    Just wanted to say thanks again for the gift….forgot to answer your question too about the bakery- I’ve not been there but it rings a bell so I think I may have seen them at a food fair before.

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