Atomic Dogs?

The other day Anne and I ran into a SAG dog. His owner was very proud of his acting dog and was a bit perturbed that I didn’t ask permission to take his photograph. The guy probably bought his lunch with the residuals from the dog’s last acting gig.¬† (That’s not very nice.)

For some reason that whole dog conversation/situation made me think of the Atomic Dog and I am not sure why because there is no correlation between the SAG Dog and the Atomic Dog.

Some of you probably don’t remember the Atomic Dog, but I do. I was first introduced to it while in college. I had a couple of roommates who loved to sing along to the song by George Clinton.

“Why must I be like that, Why must I chase the cat, Nothing but the dog in me. Bow Wow Wow. Yippee Yo Yippee Yeah.”

It was funny as hell. These  guys were best friends. One was an African American with very short hair. The other was a very tall 6 feet 4 inch white guy with a red afro bigger than Dr. Jay. They would sway back and forth singing and dancing.

A walk on Abbot Kinney in Venice

Saturday we walked Silverlake. This morning I walked Abbot Kinney and took many photographs. Halfway through I dropped by Intelligentsia for a Gibralter (in Italy they call this a piccolo cappuccino). The espresso, cappuccino, coffee and lattes are exceptional at Intelligentsia. Probably the best in LA. I am sorry LAMill, in my eyes there is no comparison.

Watch the steps when you’re leaving Intelligentsia. I just about feel twice, but I must admit I wasn’t paying attention. I had my camera in hand and was looking up and about. The steps are hard to see.

Here are some photos from the walk.

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