A Walk Through Silver Lake

Anne and I walked in Silver Lake today. Our destination was Forage, a hip, new cafe. Along the way I snapped some photographs and got some strange flack.

I guess I should have asked the hand made jewelry vendor before pointing the camera and clicking. I didn’t think. I was in the moment, as they say. But, it wasn’t a picture that meant anything to me. I didn’t have a specific motive. It was just a photograph. He was afraid I was going to replicate his stuff and sell it on the internet.

I deleted the photograph and apologized.

A little ways down I noticed a scraggly dog lying in the middle of the sidewalk. I leaned down and took a quick photograph. Again it was a meaningless photograph. I looked up and at a nearby table a man said “that’s a SAG dog.” What? What is a SAG dog? Is that a movie star dog?

I am no paparazzi. I am just a guy taking some photographs for fun and if I was a paparazzi I wouldn’t be taking photographs of that scraggly dog.

I was confused. It felt like twilight zone. Is there a full moon? Did I wake up on the wrong side of the bed or is it just a weird coincidence that I ran into these two guys who were so worried about me taking photographs. One of some jewelry and the other of Movie Star Doggie.

I guess it’s just Los Angeles. Where else would you find Movie Star Doggie? Not in Pasadena or Monrovia.

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