The Remains from The Fort

My boys wanted a fort. They swore to me and their mother that they would use the fort everyday. They would play in the fort, do their homework in the fort and maybe even spend the night in the fort. We stopped that idea after we saw the bear.

It was 11 year ago. I built the fort with some old wood from one of my restaurants. It was ratty wood that must have been about 25 years old, but it was free and I took advantage of it. I had never really built anything before. I had an idea of what I wanted to do. I had a few pictures from a magazine and I drew it out on a piece of sketch paper. It wasn’t drawn to scale but It looked OK.

It turned out as you might expect from a guy who has never built anything before. It was a tad lopsided. Most of the lines were not level, but it was sturdy as hell. An elephant could have stood in that fort and it would not have collapsed. Well, maybe if it was a baby elephant.

Yesterday I dismantled the platform from the fort. I began the fort demolition project probably 4 years ago, but I left the platform because my oldest son Patrick said that him and his friend Jonathon would use it to hang out. Well that never happened. Not even once. The platform collected dust and leaves from the oak tree above. It was an eyesore and my wife finally had enough. So yesterday I pulled it apart. The good news is that I have enough wood for maybe 4 fires in the wood burning oven which comes out to about 24 pizzas.

If you are hungry I will be burning a bunch of 2by4’s this weekend.

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