Converse Allstars

As a boy growing up in Chicago and then outside Chicago I wore Converse Allstars. Sometimes low cut, but most often I wore high tops. I wore them so much that by the time I got a new pair nothing was left. I remember on one occasion my father took me for a pair and I was still wearing the worn out ones. They were maroon with very gray shoelaces. The soles were gone and the heel of the shoes had a big hole in the back. I could feel the pavement through the shoes. They not only looked bad, but they stunk terribly. Mainly because I wore them without socks. I would tie the shoelaces half way so I could slide them on and off real easy. When we got to the store the salesman wanted no part of us. He probably smelled me coming through the door.

I continued to wear Converse Allstars all the way through college. I don’t think I owned another pair of shoes. I had no where special to go so had no need for fancy shoes.

After college I stopped wearing Converse Allstars. I started a career that now required fancy shoes and the Allstars never would have made it with my dress pants. I found cooler Nike hiking type shoes to wear on my days off and pretty much abandoned the idea of wearing any type of athletic shoe(Especially white ones. Yikes). By this time in my life I thought they were uncool.

Recently I have become unemployed which has given me a bit of freedom. I got my other ear pierced. Thought about a tattoo but was persuaded against it by my loving wife and I bought my first pair of Convers Allstars in probably 20 years. They are black high tops and they feel terrific. It’s funny they feel exactly like they did 40 years ago. (I can’t believe I wrote that. Did I write 40 years ago? I must be bloody old) I feel like I got nothing on my feet. Like my soles are just gliding along the ground. I feel like I do when I drive in one of those really small British cars when you are so low to the ground you feel like your butt’s almost going to touch it.

i think the shoes look a little funny on a 48 year old man. I notice that people kinda snicker when I walk by especially the kids. The other thing I notice is that I walk funny, really funny like a little boy without a care in the world. I saw myself in the window today when I was buying cupcakes for my son and I said “Man that guy looks funny”

I guess that’s OK. There’s nothing wrong with looking funny every once in a while. I even think it might be cool.

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