Espresso Machines

What is it about me? I have this crazy infatuation with espresso machines and obviously espresso..

Maybe it’s because I stopped drinking 14 years ago and I stopped smoking 24 years ago that I have clung so dearly to my beloved espresso. It’s my remaining vice that I refuse to give up and refuse to admit I have a probleo. I know I am addicted but it’s not that bad. It’s only a little coffee. Most of the time it’s less than an ounce of coffee. That couldn’t hurt anyone. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah. Enough said.

When I was in Italy and Brussels a couple of weeks ago I took a ton of pictures of espresso machines. This one was in an old artist bar. The place reminded me a bit of North Beach in San Fransisco. No one was drinking espresso. Everyone had their hands wrapped around glasses of Belgium beers.

The machine is very old and so is the stuff around the machine. Check out the two metal boxes on the bottom shelf. They look ancient to me. You would never see something like that in a bar in American. Someone would throw it out and replace it with a small plastic box from the Container Store.

I was amazed by the cigarette smoking in Brussels. In this bar just about everyone was smoking cigarettes and most were rolling their own. They had neat little packages of rolling papers with tins of tobacco. I have to admit it looked kinda cool.

I did not smoke a cigarette. I was tempted but only a bit. I did not even have an espresso. I thought I would wait til after supper.

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