Marino lives directly across from my apartment in Italy. I should say my old apartment because I just sold it to a family from Rome. That is the main reason for my trip this past week.

I see Marino just about every day when I am in town. He has, as of lately started to use a cane and when I took this picture of him he was a little concerned about the cane being in the picture. I didn’t care about the cane. I just wanted to take a picture of his face. He had difficulty smiling, but after three attempts he finally smiled for the camera.

Marino and his wife have a very simple life. They have lived in this village for many many years and like everyone in the village their lives follow a cetain pattern and ritual which does not veer off course very frequently.

I am most grateful for the warm welcome I always receive from Marino and his wife. She always gives me the kiss on two cheeks and asks about my wife and kids.

There is not much said amongst us but there is a warmth that I have found is very hard to find back home in Los Angeles.

When I took this photograph Marino was sitting on a chair next to the entrance of the blue bar. He sits there quite often and watches the people come and go.

I look forward to seeing Marino soon

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