The Firing

I have to fire somone this week and I feel really bad. The man has a wife and three little girls, but there’s a gun to my head and I can’t run away.

Why me, I ask,  must I be “The Man” to carry out deeds like this is so sad, but I have a boss who is weak in the knees and  afraid to decide the fate of us all in an economy that’s BAD.

But he claims it’s the man’s fault for sales so low, not the Economy, we are better than that. Doesn’t the man know, all he has to do to save his job is reach out the door and grab people by their wrist and pull them in and sit them down for a HEALTHY meal.

I feel for the man, but my balls are too small to stand up and say, no I will not fire the man for falling sales in an Economy like this.

I hope some day to be a real man who can stand up no matter what and face the truth and say it out loud and tell the boss to go to hell.


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